Close your eyes, and ill kiss you. Tomorrow i’ll miss you….

all my loving ill send to you……

Missing some one sucks. I Could list 10 things i miss and it is only day 1 since he has been gone.

  1. I miss random face time’s even i i know its just because your bored on the toilet or your doing a crazy dance and want me to laugh at it,
  2. I miss having a gym buddy…. who i can secretly watch but pretend not to be. and taking pictures of your muscles and getting caught.
  3. I miss you cooking my dinner and it always having bacon in it no matter what it is even lasagne or having chicken for tea every night.
  4. I miss playing rock, paper scissors for who does the tea making or putting “your” washing out.
  5. I miss cuddling on the sofa together and you licking my face or just being your annoying self
  6. I miss fighting over who Ringo (our bumble bee teddy) loves the most and wants to live with.
  7. I miss our little play fights or your little pretend headbutt thing even if i always loose and end up with bruised legs.
  8. I miss bed time spoons and that each and everyday before we sleep you make me love you a tiny bit more.
  9. I miss been forced to watch pawn stars even though now your not here i still find myself watching it because i know you would be.
  10. Ii miss your singing even though i tell you i hate it and you cant sing and you hurt my ears,

We often find in life , that the little things about people are the parts of them we miss the most. We pretend to hate things because we subconsciously love them far more then we are supposed to.  A persons Habits aren’t always bad, sometimes they make up the best parts of someones character. So think of a habit you love about someone that you shouldn’t and i bet it will make you smile however gross or annoying it is.

Joyful Mondays!

Peace and Love

B x


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